Welcome to the new site for BeagleBoard.org GSoC 2024 projects!

Mentor Guide#


As a mentor you have to guide contributors through the entire process of GSoC, from learning about BeagleBoard.org community, to helping GSoC Contributors become familiar with the code base and testing practices, to finally releasing their code on OpenBeagle for the world to use!

You will also need to be invited by an administrator to register on the GSoC site and request to be a mentor for BeagleBoard.org.

Who Are Mentors?#

Mentors are people from the community who volunteer to work with a GSoC contributor. Mentors provide guidance such as pointers to useful documentation, code reviews, etc. In addition to providing GSoC contributors with feedback and pointers, a mentor acts as an ambassador to help GSoC contributors integrate into their project’s community. BeagleBoard.org always assigns more than one mentor to each of GSoC contributor. Many members of BeagleBoard.org community also provides guidance to GSoC contributors without mentoring in an “official” capacity, as much as they would answer anyone’s questions on our Discord and our Forum.

Idea Submission Process#

Mentors should:

  1. Submit project ideas to our Forum and then

  2. Contribute an update to our Ideas page using our Site Editing Guide to promote their idea to contributors.

Only ideas deemed by administrators as being sufficiently supported by qualified mentors will be merged.


BeagleBoard.org mentored GSoC projects are supposed to be for software projects that service the Beagle and general open source embedded systems community, not theses, how-to guides or what I did over my summer vacation ideas.

Prospective mentors, students will use our Discord and Forum to make contact with you, so be sure to provide up-to-date information. Please feel free to add yourself on mentors page and we will monitor and police that list. Acceptance as an official mentor with the ability to rate proposals and grade contributors will come via the Google system. We will only approve official mentors who have a proven track record with Beagle, but welcome all community members to provide guidance to both mentors and contributors to best serve the community as a whole. Don’t be shy, and don’t be offended when we edit. We are thrilled to have you on board!


Check out the official GSoC mentor guide from Google.