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Automation and Industrial I/O#

BeagleBone gets used a lot in automation tasks, be they in industrial, building, home or otherwise. Software that helps enable individual hobbyists, but can bridge into professional automation tasks, is strongly desired.

  • MikroElectronika click board manifests for the Greybus simulator, instead of device tree overlays

  • learning tools like BlockyTalky3 and Makecode, but with a focus on making automation easy

  • open source PLC software

librobotcontrol support for BeagleBone AI/AI-64 and Robotics Cape

Makecode Arcade for PocketBeagle GamePup

Makecode is a framework for creating special-purpose programming experiences for beginners, especially focused on computer science education. Makecode has a blockly based programming environment served on the browser along with an in-browser board simulator. MakeCode Arcade is a similar environment to MakeCode, but the environment has code blocks that are oriented towards building games. The goal of this project is to support the Makecode Arcade target for the Beaglebone boards and demonstration of example games on the Pocketbeagle Gamepup Cape.

  • Complexity: 350 hours

  • Goal: Makecode target for Beaglebone boards with Breadboard simulator functionality making use of a UF2 daemon running in Beaglebone

  • Hardware Skills: Basic breadboard prototyping skills

  • Software Skills: Linux,Javascript,PXT

  • Possible Mentors: Andrew Henderson, Vaishnav

  • Rating: Medium

  • Upstream Repository: TBD

  • References: