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Linux kernel improvements#

Below are the projects that comes under linux kernel improvements category.

BeagleBone Cape (add-on board) compatibility layer (BB-CCL) High priority Medium complexity Large size

Xenomai vs Preempt-RT

In the growing market of embedded Linux audio devices, engineers more and more face the question “how fast is fast enough?”. There is need to provide a framework for testing responsiveness (and consequently minimum latency) for a given platform and evaluate whether it meets the requirements for the application at hand. In 2010, the paper “How fast is fast enough?” by Brown and Martin compared average and worst-case performance of Preempt-rt Linux vs Xenomai on an old BeagleBoard. In this project you will develop code for a test setup that allows to reproduce these tests on more modern SoCs in order to obtain an indirect measure of how much Preempt-rt has improved over the past few years, what is today the gap with Xenomai and reflect on how this impacts specific applications. Goal: Produce a testing suite that allows to evaluate interrupt latency and CPU performance on Xenomai vs Preempt-rt

  • Hardware Skills: none

  • Software Skills: C, Linux kernel, Xenomai

  • Possible Mentors: giuliomoro

  • Expected Size of Project: 350 hrs

  • Rating: Medium

  • Upstream Repository: https://xenomai.org

Xenomai kernel for most recent BB boards

Xenomai is a co-kernel for Linux that allows selected threads on the board to bypass the Linux kernel and deliver hard real-time performance. This is used worldwide in such diverse sectors as manufacturing processes, drones and audio (e.g.: the Bela project on Beagleaboard boards). The Xenomai core is currently maintained by Siemens and interactions happen through the official mailing list. Board-specific support is only offered on a small set of SoCs, but it’s mostly down to the maintainers of individual boards. Kernels for the Beagleboard family are regularly patched and released by rcn-ee, who also occasionally releases Xenomai versions. While 4.9, 4.14 and 4.19 (and newer versions) have been working fine on AM335x devices (e.g.: BeagleBone Black, PocketBeagle), these do not run properly on other devices (e.g.: AM572x-based ones such as Beaglebone-AI). The scope of this project is to offer support for Xenomai kernels across the Beagleboard family and implement a workflow that makes maintenance easier.